A Seniors Guide For How To Make Any Space Feel Festive Over The Holidays

For many seniors, hosting big family gatherings under one roof during the holidays might be a thing of the past, but it doesn’t mean that there are not ample ways to make your new home or residence feel festive and bright this holiday season. Move Seniors Lovingly has some space-friendly suggestions for getting into the spirit of the season—all while making new memories and traditions.

Our Favourite Spots in Etobicoke for Seniors to Beat the Winter Blahs

With winter just around the corner, we can all go stir-crazy indoors when the temperatures dip a little too low for a breath of fresh air. Retired seniors can be hit especially hard or feel isolated during the colder months when there’s less sunlight and minimal options to gather outdoors.

There are so Many Reasons for Seniors to Love Orangeville

Orangeville, Ontario, is a destination with scenic landscapes and cityscapes filled with historic architecture, delightful indoor and outdoor markets, and tons of art. It’s a place where seniors can enjoy the best of Canada’s four seasons–with accessible walking trails, popular fishing spots.

Ways for Seniors to Spend the Perfect Summer Day in and around Caledon

Caledon, Ontario, which includes several smaller villages and hamlets, might have some urban amenities but still retains its rural charm. This town and its surrounding areas are the perfect region for seniors to explore this summer because they have a little bit of something for everyone.

Home Sweet Home with Rae’s Honey House and Move Seniors Lovingly

You take one last look around, and our project manager hands you a jar of pure Canadian honey with a label that says “Home Sweet Home.” It’s no coincidence that the honey we’ve left for you as a token of our appreciation for choosing us is made by a family who cares just as much about “Honouring Our Mothers and Fathers” as we do.

Some Must-See Spots for Seniors Exploring Guelph

Guelph, Ontario, is known for its charm and rich history, teaming with cultural landmarks and plenty of green space. For seniors, it’s the perfect city to explore, especially if you’re a war history buff or architectural aficionado.