What Our Clients Say

“We are proud of our work at Move Seniors Lovingly and are honoured to have such wonderful testimonials from our clients, senior residences and communities and top producing real estate professionals throughout Ontario. Please ask us for a reference”.
Margo Salnek, CEO Move Seniors Lovingly

“Right from the start, I found Dawn and her team punctual, efficient, and fully in control of what they were doing at each stage. They were unfailingly pleasant and courteous at all times. I have received many compliments about their work. Stan, the picture hanger, did an outstanding piece of work, even returning several days later at no additional charge to hang two pictures which were being framed during his first visit. I would not hesitate to recommend Move Seniors Lovingly in the highest possible terms.”

“Wow. Just wow. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll write an endorsement. I’ll hand out your business cards. From the very first phone call to shaking Chris’s hand as he left tonight after the artwork was hung, my entire customer experience – every interaction – with everyone on your team has been exceptional. That kind of experience is hard to come by these days. Pat yourselves on the back.”

“On behalf of our family, I wanted to express our gratitude to you and all your colleagues for the caring and professional manner in which you handled the move of my mother from Winnipeg to Toronto. Being able to bring my mother into her fully furnished suite at Delmanor North town was a great relief to everyone. I can’t imagine doing this any other way now that we have experienced the full service your group provided from beginning to end of the project.
If we can serve as a reference for your group in the future, we would be honoured to speak highly about your team.”

“I can’t thank you enough for such an effortless and efficient move. It is so great to feel so set up and settled so quickly. Please forward a copy to your team, Dawn who managed the move the assistants, the movers, Stan, the art expert and Liz, the floor planner.”

“I wanted to send you this email to tell you how fantastic Ellen and the team were. They did a super job and were great in dealing with my Mom. I worked very closely with Ellen over the last 3 weeks and must say she did an amazing job under challenging circumstances. She was always professional and kept calm under fire. A very sincere thanks. We could not have survived without you.”

“My mom passed away on November 4. As you can imagine, my brother & I have been very busy trying to take care of all the “stuff” that goes with this. I can’t thank you & Move Seniors Lovingly enough for all the help in these 2 moves. From yourself & Margo & Liz (she’s Ab Fab) & Nicole & all the guys doing the heavy lifting. Everyone took care of me (I was a mess, more than normal) & they realized I was overwhelmed. I can’t thank all of you enough for your kindness & compassion. I have passed along your company’s name to several people. I wish all of you the best. Keep on doing what you do. I’m glad all of you were there to help me through those crazy times.
Take care.”

“Thank you for all of your assistance with my aunt’s move. Your team was very professional and easy to work with. Thank you for everything!! The suite looks amazing. Once again, I want to express my thanks for everything, and for taking care of everything in such an effective & efficient manner. Kind Regards,”

“Dawn, I must say that my sister and I were quite pleased with everything. Things went so smoothly and Mom was happy and overall it wasn’t the headache we expected it to be. Thanks to all those that were involved. Thanks again”

“Dear Margot and Brian,
Dawn did an exceptional job. I returned to the apartment late afternoon, and everything was so organized and clear. While I was there in the morning, I really appreciated the care that she and Carlos evidenced with Jackolyn’s items, especially her artwork. Please feel free to use me as a reference, if you ever need one.”

“Move Seniors Lovingly” is a gem of a company. You do top notch work!”

“Just a note to thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide family members of seniors who are in transition. Nicole was a joy to work with. There wasn’t one thing that I asked of her that she wasn’t able to provide. Kudos to Nicole, her crew, and everyone at Move Seniors Lovingly. We will certainly recommend you to our friends, many of whom are experiencing the same difficult time.”

“Hi Margo and Barb, the move went very well and I wanted to pass on my thanks to you, Leslie and the team. I know I drove you crazy and I wanted to offer to be a reference if you ever need it. Thanks for hanging in with me. The guys doing the physical move were the most professional movers I have ever encountered and I have moved often in my life.
Thank you so much for a job well done.
Ps – the apron uniforms are a great brand strategy, nice touch. All the best,”

“You ladies would make wonderful nurses. I learned a lot working with you today.”

“You did a fantastic job!”
“If it hadn’t been for Margo and her team, I would have been lost. They were so kind, and as a senior that’s what you need.”
“Hi Margo and Brian:
I would like to take this opportunity to send you a big heartfelt thank you. Our family had the daunting task of clearing my mother and late father’s home of 43 years. My parents very pack rats to say the least and the job ahead would have required us at least three to four months to clear, clean, fix up their home. “Move Seniors Lovingly” were great. From the time we signed the contract the house was cleared, painted, cleaned and fixed in just 10 days. The various teams worked side by side, stayed on schedule and got the work done professionally yet lovingly. Margo and Brian helped us find a real estate agent and the house was sold within one week of being put on the market You guys are amazing and I would recommend you to anyone that wants a reliable stress free job done”
“Margo and your team…. What can I say…. thank you, thank you, thank you. On behalf of my parents and myself, I can’t tell you how thankful we are for your services. I know it was a huge venture, not to mention a very emotional one for myself and my parents, but it all worked without a hitch. My parents are safe and sound in a wonderful environment, which is such a comfort to me.”
“It’s all because of you Margo. I’m so happy”.
“We are still admiring the beautiful job you did. We will pass your contact information on to any of our friends and colleagues who find themselves in a similar position.”
“My home is a showroom. Thank you so much.”
“It’s amazing how this move all came together so seamlessly. Thank you for such a speedy, efficient move.”
“Donald and I are so happy with the beautiful design and set-up of our suite, that we have decided to stay in the 1 bedroom and not take the 2 bedroom when it becomes available. Thank you so much Margo. We love it.”
“Thank you very much for a very efficient and stress free move. It seemed like magic, however I know there was a tremendous amount of planning behind the scenes, negotiating and of course plain old fashion hard work. Through it all it was clear that the needs of my Aunt were at the top of your list. Everything shines and is in place on time. I am very grateful.”
“This is sent to you with great love for all the things you did for Mommy. Thank you for making all the stages of our journey so much better.”
“Just wanted to thank you for a job well done. Cecile’s room looks fantastic. Thanks you again for your sensitivity to her situation”

“You did a great job setting things up, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, not because I doubted you, but because there was so much stuff.