Empty Nesters

Let Us Handle all the Details

Our Senior Project Manager will meet with you to review the services we can provide, such as:

Our process breaks down every aspect of the move in a detailed but supportive manner that respects both the client’s and families’ wishes and needs. At every stage of the process, a written plan is presented and approved by the client before any stage of the project is started. Once all details are approved, often MSL clients leave for a winter vacation or travel and let us handle the entire transition returning to their new “fully functional” home.

We also provide real estate consulting to manage the process from beginning to completion working with Canada’s top real estate professionals in your area.

“Move Seniors Lovingly has now looked after me on two occasions. The first was downsizing our company office and relocating to a smaller location. The second was to downsize us from our large Kingsway home in Toronto to a large apartment nearby in the Kingsway as well. MSL excels at aspects of leading their clients through the difficult process of a major lifestyle change. Their people are professional, attentive and very sensitive of the emotional turmoil this process has on their clients. Every detail of the process is presented in writing and fully costed so clients understand and approve what happens before any action is taken. Their project manager is available twenty- four hours a day to keep you informed.” John M.