Family Members

Reasons Not to Do it Yourself

  • It is more complicated than you thought; you are missing downsizing, pack and/or move expertise 
  • It is taking time away from family and work
  • It is causing disagreements with siblings
  • It is giving you too much stress
  • You are bringing too much stuff
  • You are worried you damage or loose treasures that your parents love 
  • You are unable to provide an complete, fully functional suite for your parents
  • You have upset parents who told you from the beginning they didn’t want to move in the first place

“I didn’t know there was a service like this.  If I knew I would never have done this myself.” 

Eileen (daughter)

“Residents that use Move Seniors Lovingly service adapt quicker to their new home than those who do it themselves. They are less stressed by the move. Their suite is beautiful, fully functional, and safe allowing the resident time to meet new friends and take full advantage of the facilities.  And, there is less disturbance to other residents during the move.”

Marketing Manager Chartwell Scarlett Heights