Our Corporate Team

Margo Salnek, Founder & CEO

Margo Salnek is a published author and songwriter, professional singer, speaker and producer. Margo created Move Seniors Lovingly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2005 following a 25-year career writing, performing and producing corporate shows for Fortune 500 companies. Margo applied her many years of producing and logistic skills to create a move transition process that is seamless and cost efficient, resulting in a beautiful fully functional suite.

Her many years on stage have made her a much sought-after speaker. Her webinars, “Downsizing to Uplift Your Life”, “The How To’s To Move Forward” and “Coach Houses of Toronto” have been well received and highly recommended by senior residences, lifestyle communities, senior centers, museums and associations.

Margo has authored many published articles on the art of senior moving. Her book “Coach Houses of Toronto” The Boston Mills Press/Firefly is full of beautiful ideas for small spaces and richly illustrates her flair and talent for writing, design and decorating.

Brian Salnek, President

Brian has 25 years’ experience in senior management in office furnishing, architectural and interior design. As a past Vice President and senior consultant, he has extensive experience in moving logistics and program development with banks, insurance companies and Fortune 500 Companies. As President and Senior Consultant for Move Seniors Lovingly, Brian over-sees all aspects of the company including real estate consulting and consulting with family members, power of attorneys, estate lawyers, trust fund managers, and executors who require services for their clients.

Tim Matthews, Advisor

Over his career, Tim has developed deep expertise in and around healthcare, specifically across the community sector. Tim has acted in an operational and advisory capacity throughout the Seniors health industry including both working in and overseeing services delivered into Long Term Care / Retirement Homes across Canada.

Robert Salnek, Vice President of Operations, Toronto

Robert studied Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University. He has over 15 years’ experience in marketing, moving logistics and storage. His people skills and his passion for pleasing Move Seniors Lovingly clients make him a favorite. His hard work, dedication and great sense of humour always shine through challenging situations that may unnerve most people.
Barb MacTaggart

Barbara MacTaggart, Principal, Burlington, Hamilton Region and Niagara Region

Barbara is a graduate of The University of Toronto with an Honors Degree in Psychology. She worked as a senior project manager for Move Seniors Lovingly for three years before becoming a Franchisee for her area. She is a certified Home Stager and certified Doula Birthing Coach. Barbara has excellent business and leadership skills and is always willing to share her vast knowledge, talent and compassion with her clients, guiding them through every step of the move transition in a timely, cost efficient manner.

Scott Phibbs, Principal, York Region

Scott has over 30 years’ experience in customer service, and senior sales management in distribution and logistics. As a leader in customer service and sales, he excels at assisting his clients systematically and cost efficiently through their decision-making process. Scott’s positive approach to life and his exceptional listening skills have made him a much in demand consultant and senior project manager for seniors, empty nesters and their families who require move transition services.

Travis Coleman, Principal, Mississauga, Oakville

Travis has over twelve (12) years of experience in the healthcare and social services sectors and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, as well as a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy from Queen’s University. His past roles include working as a Registered Occupational Therapist with adults across the lifespan, including seniors, to provide home-based mental health services and to assess independent living skills and home safety. His strong counselling skills are extremely valuable to his ability to understand client goals and his calm presence and sense of humour make him highly effective at supporting seniors through challenging life transitions. Travis lives in Mississauga with his wife and three children and is committed to serving his local community by providing the most comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-efficient seniors move transition services. Travis has a passion for real estate and provides real estate consulting services to help guide seniors through every step of the home sale.

Danielle Koren profile photo

Danielle Koren, Marketing Manager

For over two decades, Danielle has planned, led, and executed strategic initiatives in the profit and not-for-profit sector through project management, business process analysis and marketing expertise. She has helped organizations maximize results and impact in Canada and the Netherlands. Danielle holds a Master of Science degree in Quality Management, the Project Management Professional credential as well as the Certified Marketing Specialist™ designation from the Canadian Marketing Association. Danielle Koren is a strategic thinker, problem solver, and creates logical, data-driven solutions. She is a driven person who “goes the extra mile” and is a great collaborator. She takes pride in providing excellence and delivering on the promise.

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