The Game Ball: When Downsizing Means Unearthing Hidden Family Treasures // by Margo Salnek

As anticipation for the upcoming Super Bowl reaches a fever pitch among fans worldwide, Move Seniors Lovingly is excited to share a captivating football tale from Canada’s Grey Cup history.

Our involvement in this remarkable story began when we were enlisted by a client from out of town to assist in the downsizing of his aging brother’s six storage lockers. Despite being unable to be physically present for the move, the client joined us virtually through video chat as we meticulously sorted through the locker contents. Little did we know this endeavour would lead us to a fascinating connection to the Toronto Argonauts’ football legacy.

During our video chat, the client casually revealed that his grandfather had served as the team doctor for the Toronto Argonauts during the year they clinched their inaugural Grey Cup in 1914. The Grey Cup, the prestigious trophy awarded to the victor of the championship game between the CFL’s East and West divisions, holds a special place in Canadian football history. In that historic year of 1914, the Toronto Argonauts secured their first Grey Cup with a resounding 14-to-2 triumph over U of T. What made this victory even more special was the heartfelt gesture made by the players at the conclusion of the game – they presented their team doctor with an autographed football.

As the client shared this family anecdote, there lingered a hopeful skepticism about the whereabouts of this cherished game ball. Undeterred by the challenge, we embarked on the task of opening every box within the six storage lockers. Persistence paid off, and to our delight, we uncovered the priceless family heirloom – the autographed football gifted to the team doctor in 1914. With great joy, we promptly shipped this historic artifact to the elated grandson, ensuring that this piece of Canadian football history was safely reunited with its rightful owner.

This heartwarming experience has since become one of our most cherished stories, illustrating the unexpected treasures that may be discovered while navigating through family possessions. So, the next time you contemplate downsizing and feel overwhelmed, remember to consider the hidden gems that may await you. With Move Seniors Lovingly by your side, you can trust that every item, whether a sentimental heirloom or a piece of history, will be handled with care, allowing you to embark on your downsizing journey with ease. Just give us a call, and you won’t have to lift a finger!

The Game Ball

– Published February 2024

Header Photo courtesy of City of Toronto Archives – Toronto Argos vs Ottawa Roughriders Football, Varsity Stadium Fonds 1244, Item 1561

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