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No. Senior Move Management is a relatively new industry, and there are few if any regulations to protect the senior from hiring a company that is not qualified to handle the transition in a professional and cost-efficient manner. Anyone who has moved someone can claim they are a senior move manager. To complicate things further, some movers, auction services and real estate agents say they also provide move transition services.
See article “The Do’s and Don’ts” – What you need to know when considering a senior mover by Margo Salnek, CEO Move Seniors Lovingly.
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Before you contact a senior move management company, do your research. Google senior moving, downsizing companies. Check out their websites. What are their accreditations and reviews. Do they guarantee their work. Take a few moments to read their history and learn about the founders. What is their background? How long has the company been in business? Are they Better Business Bureau Approved and what are their guarantees? Who refers them? Be confident before you place the call to request a free consultation. Visit our website at to learn more about our services culture and history. Move Seniors Lovingly BBB A Plus Accredited.

Never pay a move transition company for a consultation or plan of action. If the senior move management company is not interested in meeting with you at no charge to listen to your story and offer cost efficient solutions, do not book a consultation with them.
The move transition company will meet with you on site and provide a detailed estimate of services and costs. The Estimate should be very detailed, clearly stating services and cost of each service and the number or hours to complete the job. A mover’s estimate is different. It can be one- or two-pages showing items checked off from each room that will be moved.
A professional move management company is solely dedicated to transitioning seniors and should be available to meet your timeline. Their process should be quick and cost-efficient with all services under their umbrella to ensure a time-efficient transition. Following the free consultation, the consultant will present an estimate that clearly states the number of days and hours to complete the job. If you are planning a move in the future, it is a good idea to meet with the consultant now to confirm services, hours, costs and timelines so that you are ready to go once you make the final decision.
Do not accept a verbal estimate or a flat rate/ballpark estimate on the phone or in person. Some companies may offer low bottom lines with minimal hours to secure the job. Minimal hours often result in surprise costs at the end of the job. Do not accept an estimate that does not give all costs and services to complete the job. Some companies may price out a segment of the job to get the ball rolling. Do not allow a consultant to begin the job on the initial consultation. This is the interviewing process, not the beginning of the job. Do not initial multiple pages on the estimate. Your one-time signature on the estimate or your deposit is your approval to proceed. Another tip is to ask the consultant of the company they represent if the company is solely focused on senior move management? Some companies may offer move transition services as a sideline to their main business which may be real estate, consignment, on-line auction or moving.

Know your rights under the Consumer Protection Act 2002. You may cancel an agreement any time during the period that ends ten (10) days after the day you receive a written copy of the agreement. You do not need to give the supplier a reason for cancelling during this 10-day period. For more information, you may contact the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.

When meeting with the consultant ask yourself basic questions. How are they dressed? Do they look like a senior move manager or a mover? Are they polite? Do they listen to your story or do they do the talking? How do they act in your home? Are they more interested in the sale of your possessions than assisting in the transition? Remember the consultant is the front line for the company. If you are not comfortable with the consultant, you most likely won’t be happy with their service.

“Now you can move forward with confidence. Happy Transitioning!”

Margo Salnek, CEO Move Seniors Lovingly

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