Seniors Downsizing & Move Specialists

Seniors Downsizing & Move Specialists

Answering Every Need

Answering Every Need

Downsizing and Moving Services for Toronto

We are a full-service senior move transition company serving Toronto that assist seniors, empty nesters, and their family members in all aspects of the move transition. Whether you move to an apartment, independent living, assisted living or long term care facility, we are here to help you through the entire process and make sure you receive the care you deserve. 

Toronto Seniors Downsizing

Move Seniors Lovingly is the Toronto seniors downsizing company dedicated to helping seniors as well as their families in every aspect of an important transition. The services that we provide can help you get to your new location. Let us help you with storage, packing unpacking and setting up in your new residence.

Our company has been providing compassionate efficient services to seniors since 2005. Our list of clients includes empty-nesters. If you’re a Toronto senior looking to make a big change, let us look after all the details for you.

Toronto Seniors Moving

The process we use to declutter and help you downsize is cost efficient and guaranteed. In fact, there’s a five star rating for this particular service. You might be preparing for a move or just making your home safer. Either way, you’ll be assigned a senior project manager who will walk you through the entire process.

Toronto seniors moving from one location to another can identify items that can be disposed of or donated. Our senior project managers are also available to arrange for the delivery of heirlooms and other treasured items to family members.

Toronto Downsizing Services

The Toronto downsizing services we provide also include a professional project manager. This is the expert that can help you identify the items that you want to dispose of and donate as well as the ones to put up for sale. Make sure to ask about our certified appraiser who can confirm the market value.

Please read on to find out about why we are the compassionate industry-leading Toronto move specialists 

Toronto Move Specialists

We have many advantages that will make a transition smooth and comfortable. For example, are 100% guarantee on services starts with a free consultation. Any of the work that you get done with Move Seniors Lovingly is carried out by a caring, reliable professional crew that’s highly trained.

Our company has experience. We have been providing transition services for empty-nesters and seniors since 2005.

We are dedicated to helping seniors and their families with every aspect of the transition from a present dwelling to a senior community or another new home. Contact us today and find out about Toronto seniors downsizing services. We are looking forward to answering any and all of your questions.


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