February 2022. By Jenn Shenouda-Levine.

Imagine if you could remain in your home as you age. Imagine a future where rather than having to leave your home, a team of trusted experts could make your current home work for you.

Since 2005, Move Seniors Lovingly has empowered seniors and their families by not only assisting them in their move transition needs but also helping seniors who prefer to stay where they are and be safe in their homes. Their mission is to “honour our fathers and mothers” by offering unparalleled excellence in service when it comes to all moving or in-home safety and wellness needs.

Move Seniors Lovingly’s CEO, Margo Salnek, knows from experience that not all clients are looking to downsize from their home to a smaller home or a senior community. Many people are happy to remain in their homes and keep their daily routines in place. Living at home and continuing your routine may help with longevity and quality of years. But as seniors age, the realities of day-to-day home living and maintenance can become too challenging to tackle on one’s own. Move Seniors Lovingly can help in a variety of ways, including floor-to-floor plans, downsizing and getting rid of items no longer needed, as well as a diverse number of home adaptations including bathtub and shower conversions, grab bars and handrail installations, raised toilets, improved lighting, ramps, stairlifts, and more.

Challenges in the home often include too much clutter, which can become a barrier to your home’s functionality and even pose a significant safety risk. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if clutter has built up over the years. It may start to feel like your house is no more than a storage unit for your belongings. Luckily, Move Seniors Lovingly’s professionals are trained in decluttering. They’ve assisted seniors with their organizing needs for over 17 years. They can help figure out what you need to keep, sell, donate and dispose of items you no longer want or even know exist. Their process is streamlined, time and cost-efficient to make your home safe and functional.  If a time comes that you need to move, it will be an easy transition for you or a family member as you will be ready when you are ready!

Move Seniors Lovingly prides itself as the first full-service move transition organization in North America, guiding seniors every step of the way and answering every need of their transition, whether moving to a new home or staying safe where you are. If loved ones are helping with decision-making, what better way to honour a parent than to ensure that a team of knowledgeable professionals can assist in making their home safe. To introduce them to a group of empathetic individuals who understand how complex home life can be as one gets older.

The reality is that seniors are currently the quickest growing age group in Ontario. There are now more seniors than individuals aged 0-14. By 2041, it’s projected that seniors will make up a quarter of Ontario’s population. That means that 4.6 million individuals will be over the age of 65. Statistics Canada even reported that people aged 85+ grew by 127% between 1993 and 2013. Move Seniors Lovingly knows that seniors play a vital role in society and should have all of the necessary support and information available to them and their loved ones to continue to thrive and enjoy the fullness of their years as they age in their home.

A national survey recently revealed that Canadians face an “aging-in-place gap,” where 78% of respondents indicated they want to age in their current homes. Still, only 26% predicted that they’d be able to do so. Since remaining in your home can foster well-being, it makes sense that adapting your current home safety features would be a worthwhile investment. Seniors now live longer than ever and must have a quality of life that matches the number of their years. It means an emphasis on remaining connected and enjoying more mobility as you continue your daily routine.

There are many advantages to using Move Seniors Lovingly to remain in your home. These include a detailed process from start-to-finish, competitive rates and complete transparency, a team of trained, caring professionals overseeing your home’s functionality needs, partnerships with fully-vetted suppliers, and a full guarantee of service. The floorplans they create will help you see your home in a new light. Estimates and invoices are broken down so that clients can easily understand all costs and have confidence that they are legally protected.

Since Move Seniors Lovingly has extensive knowledge of the senior moving and in-home adaptation market, health and safety are always at the forefront of its offerings, especially when it comes to partnerships. Home healthcare services provided by Right At Home Canada will ensure that personalized care in-home is always available. Caregivers can ensure that day-to-day tasks pertaining to self-care and hygiene remain on track. Companion care for home activities can help you stay engaged with your interests and hobbies. Nursing and specialized care for chronic conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and diabetes are also available.

It’s this collaborative care that sets care companies like Move Seniors Lovingly and Right At Home Canada apart from the rest. Imagine less stress for the entire family, including a network of loved ones such as adult children and grandchildren. Because the peace of mind of knowing that one is well cared for and that everything has been considered impacts more than just seniors. It’s an investment that can give you the freedom to get back to what matters, such as gathering together for important occasions, celebrating life’s milestones, and enjoying the daily activities that continue to keep you feeling like yourself.

With the proper support, a life of continued independence can move from a distant dream to a well-planned reality.

If you’re ready to learn about what Move Seniors Lovingly can offer so that you can stay safe in your home and collaborative health care services, you can visit https://moveseniorslovingly.com.