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Ways in Which Etobicoke Seniors Can Observe Remembrance Day 2022

Ways in Which Etobicoke Seniors Can Observe Remembrance Day 2022

By Jenn Shenouda-Levine

Ways in Which Etobicoke Seniors Can Observe Remembrance Day 2022, featured image
Photo by Bart Ros on Unsplash

Remembrance Day is quickly approaching on November 11th, and Etobicoke seniors might be wondering how they can commemorate this important day in our country’s history.

For those looking to attend a local service, Etobicoke offers a ceremony on Friday, November 11th at 10:45 a.m. at the Etobicoke Civic Center – Cenotaph, located at 399 The West Mall. As per the National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials, the limestone cenotaph was built in 1968 and commemorates those who gave their lives during World War I, World War II and The Korean War. The cenotaph inscription reads:



For those who want to observe a local ceremony but cannot make it out in person, there is always the option to watch the City of Toronto’s Old City Hall ceremony live-streamed on their YouTube channel. This ceremony also starts at 10:45 a.m.

The Royal Canadian Legion notes several other ways to commemorate our Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP on Remembrance Day. Here are some of their suggestions to honour those who have served and continue to serve our country:

  1. One can watch the National Remembrance Day Ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. The ceremony, which many Canadian news outlets cover, will be live-streamed on The Royal Canadian Legion’s Facebook page.
  2. One can attend a local ceremony, such as the one noted above, at the Etobicoke Civic Centre. Here is a link to the other locations holding ceremonies in and around Toronto.
  3. One can wear a poppy to support veterans who served and sacrificed for their country.
    In a recent press release, the legion announced that its poppies and wreathes are now biodegradable, lessening their environmental footprint. Many legion branches and HSBC bank branches will also have electronic poppy boxes with the option of tapping one’s card to donate.
  4. One can observe the Two Minutes of Silence on Remembrance Day at 11:11 a.m., symbolizing the 11th day, 11th hour and 11th minute when hostilities seized during World War I. This can be observed anywhere and is an integral part of the ceremony as fallen
    soldiers are remembered.

Some other beautiful suggestions The Royal Canadian Legion has for honouring veterans on November 11th as well as throughout the year, are planting your poppy seeds to create a personal garden of remembrance, joining or donating at your local legion, visiting the Canadian War Museum, visiting the virtual wall of honour and more.

Whether observing two minutes of silence in private or attending/watching a ceremony this Remembrance Day, we hope the above information helps you commemorate those who have served and sacrificed for our country in a meaningful way.

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