The Village of Humber Heights // by Jenn Shenouda-Levine

Location: 2245 Lawrence Avenue West, Etobicoke

At Move Seniors Lovingly, we feel honoured to highlight the exceptional retirement communities we serve throughout Ontario. This month, Move Seniors Lovingly – Etobicoke toured The Village of Humber Heights to learn more about its history, amenities, and why it’s an excellent option for modern retirement living.

Courtyard Garden and Gazebo: Photo Courtesy of The Village of Humber Heights


Not every retirement residence we visit has a historical background, but The Village of Humber Heights has a storied past. It was once a school from the 1920s to the 1980s before its current incarnation, and its interior celebrates its roots. There’s a wall lined with pictures of former students, and several of the original facades from the building’s school days have been worked into its contemporary architecture. It’s fitting that at The Village of Humber Heights, retirees can embrace their current stage of life and continue to grow and learn in a building that has seen so many lives transform throughout the years. In fact, one of the school’s former students is now a resident there.

I begin my tour with Eric Jaffary, Director of Lifestyle Options, who tells me this special place brings people out of their shells. He mentions a resident who used to take all her meals at her last retirement residence in her room, whom he’s seen blossom into a social butterfly. “People do best when all of their needs–social, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual–are being met,” he says.

Entrance and Interior Gazebo: Photo Courtesy of The Village of Humber Heights


At The Village of Humber Heights, the entire space is designed to feel like its own easily accessible village. You don’t have to travel far to have everything at your fingertips, from the Country Store and Hobby Shop to the Beauty Salon and Barbershop. There’s a Wine Bar near the formal dining room and a Fireside Lounge where residents can enjoy billiards. There’s a Nursing Station and a visiting physician, so residents don’t need to leave the building to meet their health questions and concerns. There are even interfaith services provided in the Chapel. There’s also a full social calendar, where residents can partake in everything from morning fitness classes to watercolour painting lessons to bus outings to the theatre or local galleries.

A real highlight of my visit is viewing the Courtyard Garden, where residents can gather for events and admire the manicured landscape, complete with a pond and plenty of outdoor seating. It’s an ample enough space that an orchestra once played for the residents on the grounds.

Original School Façade: Photo Courtesy of The Village of Humber Heights

At The Village of Humber Heights and all of the Schlegel Villages across Ontario, there are a variety of living accommodations for the level of independence that suits you. Lifestyle options range from Retirement Apartments, known as the Becker Neighbourhood, where you can access all amenities and entertainment, two meals a day (lunch and dinner), and housekeeping, but also have an in-suite kitchenette, full-size fridge, and microwave. You can also opt for Retirement Suites, known as the Williamsburg Neighbourhood, where all meals and other services like medication administration are included. As needs increase, further care options exist, like Assisted Care Suites (Egerton Neighbourhood) and Memory Care Suites (Emma’s Neighbourhood)–all with access to the recreational and entertainment programs available in the Town Square and Main Street.

The retirement suites I tour are bright and inviting, with plenty of living and kitchen space and a roomy bedroom. Some suites have walk-out patios overlooking the garden, which is a lovely feature. I can picture residents drinking coffee outside in the morning to the sound of birdsong. 

“There are so many living options available for seniors these days,” remarks Eric at the end of the tour, “It’s amazing.” He mentions that rather than residents feeling like they are losing something in the transition from their homes to a retirement community, people often come to see it as a gain after a while. “There’s a type of freedom here for many, where residents can call the village their home base but also head out to golf or on excursions without worrying about lawn and housing maintenance.”

Looking around before leaving, I see residents laughing in the café and enjoying the garden together. This solidifies my opinion that The Village of Humber Heights is the kind of place to start a new chapter filled with friends, entertainment, and plenty of personal growth and discovery.  Like everything new, you might get the “first-day” jitters, but a caring and attentive staff and community are behind you every step of the way. It’s a wonderful option for seniors looking for a retirement residence in the heart of Etobicoke.

Interior Suites: Photo Courtesy of The Village of Humber Heights

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-Published October 2023

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