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Some local Mississauga activities to tackle social isolation this winter season

Move Seniors Lovingly – Mississauga knows that Canadian winters can be isolating, especially when the temperatures plummet and there’s no sun to be seen in weeks. The last couple of winters have undoubtedly hit seniors hard, with many social programs being unavailable due to the Pandemic. Recent data from Statistics Canada suggests that up to 24% of seniors aged 65 in Canada experience social isolation and wish they could participate in more activities. Thankfully many programs have adapted their safety protocols so that you can once again stay connected and active during the winter months.

If you are a Mississauga-based senior in search of some activities, here are some programs offered by Active Mississauga and The Mississauga Seniors’ Centre to help you combat social isolation:

Brush up on your tech skills in a group setting

Too cold to brave the outdoors? No problem. With an Active Mississauga membership, you can take part in weekly Computer Basics classes from January-April available at various libraries in Mississauga. Volunteers and teen staff primarily run courses. You can brush up on your tech skills while meeting fellow attendees. Just imagine, the next time you see your younger family members, you’ll teach them the ins and outs of their PCs.

Explore your inner artist

If you’ve been telling yourself that you’ve wanted to take an art class for years but never got around to it, there’s no time better to clean off the old paintbrushes. With Mississauga Seniors’ Centre Membership, you can participate in a six-week art club course while socializing with fellow art enthusiasts. For more information, dates and times, contact the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre at 905-615-4810.

Walk and talk with an indoor walking club

Looking to socialize but also stay fit during the chilly months when it’s harder to go on solo walks? Mississauga Seniors’ Centre also offers plenty of indoor walking clubs, including Nordixx pole walking, that make meeting new peers easy while pumping those endorphins. For more information, dates and times, contact the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre at 905-615-4810.

Get your game on

If you love playing word games with others, the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre also offers a weekly scrabble meet-up. If that’s not your game of choice, there are plenty of other clubs with a valid Mississauga Seniors’ Centre membership, such as Bridge, Euchre and more. For more information, dates and times, contact the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre at 905-615-4810.

We hope that whatever you choose to do this winter, your days are filled with plenty of great conversations, company and activities that keep you connected!

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