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Home Sweet Home with Rae’s Honey House and Move Seniors Lovingly

Featured Partner Profile: Home Sweet Home with Rae’s Honey House and Move Seniors Lovingly // by Jenn Shenouda-Levine

Picture this– with the help of the Move Seniors Lovingly team, you’ve just moved into your new home. After careful planning, organizing, packing, and a 3D floorplan of your new space, it’s finally moving day, and everything is set up exactly how you imagined it.  

Your new home is beautiful and fully functional! Your artwork is expertly hung on the walls, your family photographs are thoughtfully aligned on your living room table, and your utensils are all in their proper drawers. You take one last look around, and our project manager hands you a jar of pure Canadian honey with a label that says “Home Sweet Home.” It’s no coincidence that the honey we’ve left for you as a token of our appreciation for choosing us is made by a family who cares just as much about “Honouring Our Mothers and Fathers” as we do. In fact, we’ve partnered with them since 2010.

Rae’s Honey House Bear Jar with Gift Certificate: Photo Courtesy of Move Seniors Lovingly

Glenn and Diana Rae of Rae’s Honey House

Rae’s Honey House is a third-generation, family-run Honey House in Holland Centre, Ontario. Glenn and Diana Rae are dedicated beekeepers who love being out in nature with their bees, surrounded by a community of caring neighbours and farmers. Glenn’s father, Russell Rae, built the first honey house on the property in 1938 and completed the current honey house in 1952. Glenn has been working in the family business since age 15, and Diana, who grew up on a tomato farm in South Windsor, married Glenn in 1980. The couple’s youngest son, Thomas, is also a part of the family business (their two older sons are unfortunately allergic to bees).

Rae’s Honey House Bear Jar with Gift Certificate: Photo Courtesy of Move Seniors Lovingly

The Rae’s have customers visit from all over the Greater Toronto Area and beyond to enjoy and stock up on their organic Canadian honey, which varies slightly in its tasting notes depending on the year’s weather and plants. Satisfied customers can often be seen leaving with pails full of liquid gold. Diana describes her town as a little oasis and says that the only downside of beekeeping is the occasional bee stings, a well-known hazard of the trade.

Move Seniors Lovingly loves offering Rae’s Honey to our customers at the end of every move for several reasons. Not only are we supporting local beekeepers, but honey is just about the sweetest form of nostalgia around. Many of our customers remember eating honey when they were young. It’s also healthier for your gut and much easier to digest than sugar. Research also suggests that it might be associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.

Diana Rae: Photo Courtesy of Rae’s Honey House (Facebook)

Knowing that the Raes have put as much hard work into their honey as we have in our full-service move transitions is important to us and symbolizes the personalized care that we offer each of our clients. Additionally, every bear jar of Rae’s Honey that we hand out after a move has a $100 certificate for our clients who give Move Seniors Lovingly a referral. So, the next time you receive a bear jar of Rae’s honey from us at the end of a move, we hope the story behind it makes it that much sweeter.

-Published June 2023

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