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  move-margo” We are proud of our work at Move Seniors Lovingly and are honored to have such wonderful testimonials from our clients, seniors residences throughout the GTA and Toronto’s top producing real estate agents.  Please ask us for a reference”.
Margo Salnek, Principal, Move Seniors Lovingly



What our clients say……..

Hi Ellen
I can’t thank you enough for such an effortless…and efficient move. It is so great to feel so set up and settled so quickly.
Please forward a copy to Dawn and anyone else involved – your team, movers, Stan – the art expert, Liz – the floor planner .
David and Linda

I hired your company because I felt very comfortable with you as the face of the company. However, I wanted to send you this email to tell you how fantastic Ellen, Silvana and Bunny were. They did a super job and were great in dealing with my Mom. I worked very closely with Ellen over the last 3 weeks and must say she did an amazing job under challenging circumstances. She was always professional and kept calm under fire. A very sincere thanks to you, Ellen and your team. We could not have survived without you.

Wow. Just….wow. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll write an endorsement. I’ll hand out your business cards. From the very first phone call to shaking Chris’s hand as he left tonight after the artwork was hung, my entire customer experience – every interaction – with everyone on your team has been exceptional. That kind of experience is hard to come by these days. Pat yourselves on the back.
Cheers Barbara

My mom passed away on November 4. As you can imagine, my brother & I have been very busy trying to take care of all the “stuff” that goes with this. I can’t thank you & Move Seniors Lovingly enough for all the help in these 2 moves. From yourself & Margo & Liz (she’s Ab Fab) & Nicole & all the guys doing the heavy lifting. Everyone took care of me (I was a mess, more than normal) & they realized I was overwhelmed. I can’t thank all of you enough for your kindness & compassion. I have passed along your company’s name to several people. I wish all of you the best. Keep on doing what you do. I’m glad all of you were there to help me through those crazy times.
Take care. Janine

Hi Dawn,
On behalf of our family, I wanted to express our gratitude to you and all your colleagues for the caring and professional manner in which you handled the move of my mother, Grace, from Winnipeg to Toronto Oct 2016. 
From the time we first met until the job was completed, we felt comforted by the attention to detail and awareness of how stressful this move was for everyone involved. Being able to bring my mother into her fully furnished suite at Delmanor Northtown was a great relief to everyone. I can’t imagine doing this any other way now that we have experienced the full service your group provided from beginning to end of the project. 
Feel free to forward this message to your colleagues in Winnipeg. Their crew was also fantastic. 
If we can serve as a reference for your group in the future, we would be honoured to speak highly about your team.
Neil and Janice (son and daughter)

Right from the start, I found Dawn and her team punctual, efficient, and fully in control of what they were doing at each stage.  They were unfailingly pleasant and courteous at all times.  And they were always honest, refunding me a considerable sum, as the job required less time than they had estimated at the beginning.  I have received many compliments about their work.
Stan, the picture hanger, did an outstanding piece of work, even returning several days later at no additional charge to hang two pictures which were being framed during his first visit.  During the first visit he made sure that there was an appropriate place for these two later pictures when they were ready to be hung.  I have also referred several visitors, impressed by his work, to Move Seniors Lovingly and Stan in particular.
Of course, I’d be happy to answer any other questions.  I would not hesitate to recommend Move Seniors Lovingly in the highest possible terms.

Dawn, Thank you for all of your assistance with my aunt’s move. Your team was very professional and easy to work with. Thank you for everything!! The suite looks amazing. My aunt likes it, but said she still wanted to think about moving in, but she did agree to stay. It will be a transitional time for her, and I’m hoping she will slowly adjust. Once again, i want to express my thanks for everything, and for taking care of everything in such an effective & efficient manner. Kind Regards, Elizabeth

Dawn, I must say that my sister and I were quite pleased with everything. Things went so smoothly and Mom was happy and overall it wasn’t the headache we expected it to be. Thanks to all those that were involved. Thanks again Sandy

Many thanks for the excellent service of Dawn and her crew. They made my move to Davenhill a very smooth one indeed. Sincerely, Doreen

Dear Dawn, I realized today that it is just three weeks since I moved to Christie Gardens. I have been grateful many times since then for you and your team for the work you did to make that move an easy one for me. I especially noticed that the choices made by all of you as to where to put things made real sense and as I look around, you and your team have made the suite feel like home for me. Many thanks for your help and hard work! Jane

Dear Margot and Brian,
I second the motion.  Dawn did an exceptional job.  I returned to Jackolyn’s apartment late afternoon, and everything was so organized and clear.  While I was there in the morning, I really appreciated the care that she and Carlos evidenced with Jackolyn’s items, especially her artwork.  Please feel free to use me as a reference, if you ever need one. Best, Frances

Hi Margo—It was so nice to finally meet you and your husband—and I Thank You for the lovely bouquet—- it confirms the impression of you I had formed some time ago…..that you have a very kind+thoughtful nature.
It is not surprising that you have chosen to provide a much-needed service to Seniors! You have a natural empathy and consideration for us, the Old Folks (and God Bless you for that).move-hug
It’s also a pleasure to have a face to put with the voice on the phone! And to meet Brian too. You emanate a warm spirit of Loving Kindness…….
It was a pleasure to meet you both
Co-ordinate move from Calgary to Toronto, design and set-up of new residence in Toronto.

“Move Seniors Lovingly “ is a gem of a company. You do top notch work!
Mike from Calgary
Move from 2 bedroom condo to 1 bedroom senior’s residence,..choose furniture, purchase bed and flatscreen TV, pack, move and set-up for mother in her new residence

Just a note to thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide family members of seniors who are in transition. Gina was a joy to work with. There wasn’t one thing that I asked of her that she wasn’t able to provide. Kudos to Gina, her crew, and everyone at Move Seniors Lovingly. We will certainly recommend you to our friends, many of whom are experiencing the same difficult time.

I saw the suite this morning, and I’m so pleased. It really does look terrific. The paint job, the clean, the arrangement of everything….all so nice and welcoming. Both pleasing to the eye and comfortable. No detail overlooked, no matter how small. I’m grateful to you both.

Thank you.
Prepare home for the market, consult with real estate agent, downsize, pack, move, unpack, set-up of new residence

Hi Margo and Barb, the move went very well and I wanted to pass on my thanks to you, Leslie and the team.
I know I drove you crazy and I wanted to offer to be a reference if you ever need it. Thanks for hanging in with me.
The guys doing the physical move were the most professional movers I have ever encountered and I have moved often in my life.
Thank you so much for a job well done.
Ps – the apron uniforms are a great brand strategy, nice touch.
All the best,
Complete move from condo to senior’s residence

Very lovely Margo, it looks WAY better than I ever expected…almost looks
like something out of a magazine!
We are lucky to have had you spearheading the move, you and your staff made it feel seamless and because of that we are a happy set of clients. I’m thankful for that!”

Move of mother from 1 bedroom suite to new residence, design, pack, move and set-up

“You ladies would make wonderful nurses. I learned a lot working with you today.
Sue, ER nurse, Toronto General Hospital
On site during her aunt’s move into Amica residence

You did a fantastic job!
Downsize from a 4 bedroom home, sale of unwanted items, move, design and set-up of 2 bedroom suite in senior’s residence

If it hadn’t been for Margo and her team, I would have been lost. They were so kind, and as a senior that’s what you need.
From the article, “Rightsizing Options to Suite Your Lifestyle” Zoomer Magazine May edition 2011
Downsize from a 4 bedroom home, move, design and set-up of 2 bedroom plus den suite in senior’s residence

Unbelievable! Way beyond our expectations. Thank you.
Mary Jane and Liz
Prepare parent’s home for the market

“Hi Margo and Brian:
I would like to take this opportunity to send you a big heartfelt thank you.
Our family had the daunting task of clearing my mother and late father’s home of 43 years. My parents very pack rats to say the least and the job ahead would have required us at least three to four months to clear, clean, fix up their home. “Move Seniors Lovingly” ( Margo and Brian’s company) were great. From the time we signed the contract the house was cleared, painted, cleaned and fixed in just 10 days. The various teams worked side by side, stayed on schedule and got the work done professionally yet lovingly. Margo and Brian helped us find a real estate agent and the house was sold within one week of being put on the market You guys are amazing and I would recommend you to anyone that wants a reliable stress free job done”

Preparing the family home for the market, contracting, staging, downsizing and sale of unwanted items

Margo and your team….what can I say….thank you, thank you, thank you. On behalf of my parents and myself, I can’t tell you how thankful we are for your services. I know it was a huge venture, not to mention a very emotional one for myself and my parents, but it all worked without a hitch. My parents are safe and sound in a wonderful environment, which is such a comfort to me.”
Downsize 5 bedroom home, sale of unwanted items, prepare home for market, move, design and set-up of 2 bedroom suite in senior’s residence

“It’s all because of you Margo. I’m so happy”.
Downsize from 3 bedroom house, sale of unwanted items, move, design and set-up of 1 bedroom suite

We are still admiring the beautiful job you did. We will pass your
contact information on to any of our friends and colleagues who find themselves in a similar position.

Downsize 2 bedroom condo, prepare condo for market, move, design and set-up of junior suite in senior’s residence

My home is a showroom. Thank you so much.
Downsize from 2 bedroom condo, prepare condo for market, move, design and set-up of 1 bedroom suite in senior’s residence

It’s amazing how this move all came together so seamlessly. Thank you for such a speedy, efficient move.
Downsize from 5 bedroom home, sale of unwanted items, move, design and set-up of 3 bedroom condo

Donald and I are so happy with the beautiful design and set-up of our suite, that we have decided to stay in the 1 bedroom and not take the 2 bedroom when it becomes available. Thank you so much Margo. We love it.
Downsize from 2 bedroom den condo to 1 bedroom seniors residence

Thank you very much for a very efficient and stress free move. It seemed like magic, however I know there was a tremendous amount of planning behind the scenes, negotiating and of course plain old fashion hard work. Through it all it was clear that the needs of my Aunt were at the top of your list. Everything shines and is in place on time. I am very grateful.
Downsize from 2 bedroom condo, prepare condo for market, move, design, set-up of 1 bedroom suite in senior’s residence

This is sent to you with great love for all the things you did for Mommy. Thank you for making all the stages of our journey so much better.
Pam from San Diego
Sale of unwanted items, move, design and set-up of mother’s suite in nursing home

Just wanted to thank you for a job well done. Cecile’s room looks fantastic. Thanks you again for your sensitivity to her situation
Pat ,POA
Downsize, sale of unwanted items, prepare home for market, move, design and set-up of suite in senior’s residence

Gail and Gina were wonderful, so efficient, supportive and helpful.
The movers were great.

Downsize, move, design and set-up of 1 bedroom suite

You did a great job setting things up, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, not because I doubted you, but because there was so much stuff.”
Move, design and set-up of 1 bedroom suite

Words escape me in trying to adequately thank you for all you did, and on short notice.
Downsize, move, design, set-up of l bedroom in senior’s residence

.”Barbara is very pleased with how all the pictures look here.
Fine art install for artist wife.

what the residences say…..

“We were both so impressed with you and the way your organization works to support people through what is often a difficult transition – AND maintain dignity and personal choice throughout.”
Sara Rickards
Executive Director
The Royal Henley Retirement Community
582 Ontario St.
St. Catharines, On L2N 0A2
Phone 905-935-1800

“I am happy to be able to refer your company, I was really impressed with an internal move you assisted us with and I continue to give new resident’s your name”
Thank you Margo
Executive Director
Sunrise Senior Living

“Thank you Margo.You have that great personal touch and did a great job for their family.”
Marketing & Community Relations Manager
Delmanor Northtown

“The suite did look wonderful. I was impressed with how many things you were able to accommodate and how you were able to capture Graces’ style and carry it over from one home to another. I know Grace was very pleased as I was able to see your handiwork when I went upstairs with her to help her connect her television and phone.  I too look forward to moving more clients into the Beechwood and I hope to see you soon.”
Kathryne, Lifestyle Consultant, Retirement Living by Revera

“Very nice work Margo. Thank you for taking good care of our new resident”
Marketing & Community Relations Coordinator
The Russell Hill Retirement Residence

“Resident’s that use Margo’s Service adapt quicker to their new home than those who do it themselves. They are less stressed by the move. Their suite is beautiful, functional and safe allowing the resident time to meet new residents and take full advantage of the facilities.”
Marketing Manager, Chartwell Seniors Housing Reit

The suite looks great! I am highly recommending your service
Joanne, Leasing Manager, Residences Allegro, Toronto, Ontario

Thank you Margo, I can always count on you to ensure our new resident’s suite will be safe and beautiful.
Liz, Community Relations, Amica Mature Lifestyles, Toronto, Ontario

Such good people doing such great work.
Madeleine, Resident Services Co-ordinator, Christie Gardens, Toronto, Ontario

The set up looks great and utilizes the space perfectly.
Matthew, Marketing, Senior’s Residence, Toronto, Ontario

You do such beautiful work.
Lifestyle Consultant, Retirement Living by Revera , Toronto, Ontario

When Margo and Brian complete a suite for a new resident, they settle in much easier and are very happy with their new home.”
Nikki, Marketing Manager, Delmanor Seniors Communities, Toronto, Ontario

Move Seniors Lovingly is one of our preferred movers.
GM, Retirement Living by Revera, Toronto, Ontario

When Margo does the move and set-up for a resident, they settle in very quickly.”
Marketing Manager, Chartwell Seniors Housing Reit

Thanks Margo!
The suite looks absolutely beautiful!

Lifestyle Consultant, Retirement Living by Revera

The pictures of the suite are beautiful. You do such beautiful work. It will be a great advertisement for your business. Thank you for sharing them with us, I will be sure to share them with others
Dwight, GM Diversicare

“Hello Margo, I was working that weekend and have heard that you did outstanding job! I’m looking forward to referring your services in the future.”

Thank you.
Community Relations
Amica Mature Lifestyles

What the realtors say…..

Toronto Central

Caring, efficient and the senior’s love them!
Sales Representative
#1 Sales Representative in Toronto for 2010 for Royal LePage
#4 in Canada for 2010 for Royal LePage (out of 14,000+ Sales Representatives)
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

Toronto West, Etobicoke

If Margo’s doing it, it will be great
JoAnne Gludish
Sales Representative
#1 Sale Representative at Royal LePage The Kingsway Branch, 2010
National Chairman’s Club
Top 1% in Canada, 2007-2010
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Georgetown

I’ve been working with Margo for a number of years. All of my clients have been overly impressed by Margo’s ability to simplify the moving process and effectively accommodate their needs. Moving Seniors Lovingly is the right choice!”
Gary Betts
Sales Representative
Top 70 Remax Individual Agent in Canada (2012)
#1 Individual Agent Remax Sherwoodtowne (2011)
#1 Remax Individual Agent in Mississauga (2010)
Top 30 Remax Individual Agent in Canada (2010)
Top 50 Remax Individual Agent Worldwide (2010)

Margo’s work is the art of perfection
Rob Kelly
National Chairman’s Club Award Winner (2010) – Top 1% in Canada
Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty, Brokerage

Rexdale, Ontario

I highly recommend Brian and Margo Salnek. Move Seniors Lovingly is indeed a blessing, a new insight, and a new way to assist our seniors making one of their most traumatic transfers
Brijpaul, Broker, BSc., FRI.

Banbury – Don Mills

Margo put my senior clients at ease from the very first visit and skilfully created not only a stress-free move, but a stress- free settling in period in new surroundings. I highly recommend Move Seniors Lovingly!
Dorothy Pestell
Sales Representative
Don Mills #1 condo professional
Consistent Gold Award Recipient
Royal LePage Signature Realty