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Our Team at Move Seniors Lovingly

Our team at Move Seniors Lovingly is dedicated to providing superior service to their clients and their families…creating “simply beautiful homes” completed evening of the move





barbaraBarbara MacTaggart – Senior Project Manager

Barbara is a graduate of The University of Toronto with an Honors Degree in Psychology. She is a certified Home Stager and certified Doula Birthing Coach. As a senior project manager for Move Seniors Lovingly Barbara shares her vast knowledge, talent and compassion with her clients assisting them through every step of the transition and creating a beautiful completed suite evening of the move. Barbara is always “in demand” by referrals from clients who were “thrilled” with her excellent service.

Dawn MDawn McMahoncMahon – Senior Project Manager

Dawn brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Move Seniors Lovingly. She has worked in the retirement community for over 13 years as a Marketing Consultant, Personal Support Worker and Recreation Manager. As a Senior Project Manager with our team, she is able to combine her deep passion for helping others improve their lives, with her vast knowledge and expertise in senior communities. Dawn has an excellent track record for managing projects effectively and on time. She has a fine eye for detail and knows how to make any setting “feel like home”.

Holly McCuaig

Holly McCuaig –  Senior Project Manager / Interior Design

Holly is a graduate of the McGill School of social work and has vast knowledge and experience working with people. She is exceptionally talented in interior design and has touched the lives of many clients at Move Seniors Lovingly guiding them through the move transition and creating a beautiful new home. Her clients adore her and are quick to recommend her talents to friends and colleagues.

Liz TanseyLiz Tansey – Downsizing Specialist

Liz Tansey is one of Toronto’s most” in demand” downsizing specialists. Liz’s exceptional talent for downsizing along with her many years of organizing experience make her a great asset to clients of Move Seniors Lovingly. For senior clients who are drowning in a sea of clutter or are going through the move transition and require sorting for moving, sale, donation, disposal, Liz knows how to pare things down to make it work. Liz is a talented musician and a volunteer at Toronto Humane Society.


Mandy FleischerMandy Fleischer – Design and Decorating

Mandy Fleischer has over 29 years experience designing professional offices, condos, houses, cottages and model suites for senior residences.  As a decorator with Ridpaths Fine Furniture her passion for color and fabric is celebrated in many fine homes and senior residences throughout Toronto.  As in house decorator for Move Seniors Lovingly, clients and senior residences are delightedly with her selections of fabrics, paint colors and window covering for their new home and model suites.


Husband and wife team, Scott and Heather Phibbs are partners with Move Seniors Lovingly for York Region assisting seniors in all aspects of the move transition.

Scott Phibbs – Senior Project Manager

Scott PhibbsScott Phibbs has over 30 years’ experience in customer service, senior sales management and senior management in the distribution and logistics business. As a leader in customer service and sales he has the relationship skills required to help individuals systematically and cost efficiently work through their decision making process. Scott’s overall positive approach coupled with his senior management skill set make him a leader in senior move management for York Region.

Heather Phibbs – Senior Project Manager

Heather Phibbs has over 20 years’ experience in senior customer service in the fleet and logistics industry. She is well respected for her honesty and integrity with her peers. Heather is a great listener and has a love for music along with being an avid animal advocate. Her dedication, sense of humour, warm personality and caring nature are a perfect combination to assist her senior clients through the move process.

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