Why I Created Move Seniors Lovingly

move-margoMany of my best friends are seniors. Maria, 89, is a published novelist and songwriter. Jim, 82, was a top-gun naval pilot in the Korean War. Audrey, 88, remains an avid tennis player. Eleanor 92, arranged her own 90th birthday party at a hotel and invited guests from all over Canada. And, my mother Francis, 93, who is an artist and a retired nurse, just to name a few. Over the years I have developed a special friendship with these people. During their most vulnerable times, I witnessed their indestructible spirit. Their courage taught me patience and strengthened my faith. I am blessed to know them and be a part of their lives.

November 2005 saw the release of my book, Coach Houses of Toronto, published by Firefly Books, after a 20-year career as a published songwriter/singer in the music industry and producer, producing corporate shows for Fortune 500 companies. Throughout the years, my husband Brian and I were volunteers for Out of The Cold, founded The Out of The Cold Foundation and for seven years produced “The Teddy Bear Affair”, a fundraising gala for The Children’s Aid Foundation.

It seemed we were always involved in something that provided a service to others. I had moved my mother-in-law, mother and aunt handling all details from the estate, sale of the home, sale and disposal of unwanted items, choosing a residence, move, design and set-up of the new residence. As a producer, reporting to presidents and senior management, I was used to working with impossible deadlines and managing a team under stressful conditions, yet always able to create beautiful results.

In 2006, I created Move Seniors Lovingly, a senior move management company solely dedicated to assisting seniors in their transition from their family home to a smaller residence. The goal was to “Honor our Fathers and our Mothers” through superior service to those who are vulnerable and in need. In 2008, my husband Brian Salnek joined the company as a senior consultant working with family members, power of attorneys, estate lawyers, executors and trust fund managers to assist clients and loved ones in the move transition.

Today, Move Seniors Lovingly is a Canadian leader in Senior Move Management. Move Seniors Lovingly is highly recommended by seniors, senior residences and top producing real estate agents throughout Ontario.  We are committed to providing superior service to our clients resulting in a smooth, stress-free transition, and creating a beautiful and safe new home completed the evening of the move. Our mission is to “Honor our Fathers and our Mothers”.

We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We work with North American and international clients, assisting them and their families located in Toronto and surrounding areas.

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