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Move Seniors Lovingly was founded by Margo Salnek in 2006. We are a family-owned Seniors Move Management Canadian Company with over 30 years’ experience in moving logistics and architectural and interior design. Our in-house service providers are a network of professionals with unmatched expertise. Our mission is to honor our Fathers and our Mothers through superior service to our clients.




Margo Salnek – CEO Founder
Margo Salnek is a published author, professional speaker and producer. As the founder of Move Seniors Lovingly, she has spent many years perfecting the process of effectively and cost efficiently assisting seniors and their families through the move transition. As a professional speaker, her seminars on the “How To’s To Move Forward” and “Coach Houses of Toronto” are in great demand by seniors residences, lifestyle communities and seniors centres. Her book “Coach Houses of Toronto” richly illustrates her flair and talent for design and decorating, and is full of beautiful ideas for small spaces.


Brian Salnek – President
Brian Salnek has 25 years’ experience in senior management in the office furnishing and architectural and interior design. As a past Vice President and senior consultant, he has extensive experience in moving logistics and program development with banks, insurance companies and Fortune 500 Companies. As Senior Consultant with Move Seniors Lovingly, Brian consults with family members, power of attorneys, estate lawyers, trust fund managers, and executors who require information on senior’s residences, the move process, choosing the right real estate agent and preparing the home for the market.

Robert Salnek
Vice President of Operations
Robert studied Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson University. He has over 15 years’ experience in marketing, moving logistics and storage. His people skills and his passion for pleasing MSL clients make him a favorite. His hard work, dedication and great sense of humour always shine even when challenging situations that may unnerve most people present themselves.

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